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Reducing time spent looking for tools

1 min read: A foreman at a chemical facility was frustrated with the amount of time his team was spending on non-value added tasks. He chatted with the team and found one of their biggest frustrations to be a lack of resources available to get one of their jobs done.

The foreman couldn't imagine it was as simple as that. After taking some data for only one week he found his team was spending an average of 37 minutes per person per day, searching for tools.

The foreman spent a modest amount of money to arrange for tool boxes and reduced the average time spent searching for tools from 37 minutes a day per person to less than five minutes. He reduced the number of hours on just one job critical task, changing out moulds by 58%. His estimated savings in labour alone was 416 hours a year not to mention the increase in production and job satisfaction from a group of people who simply didn't have the resources they needed to do the job that was expected of them.

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