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Make it more likely

Blogging on behaviour change

Let’s start with the bad news on influencing people’s behaviour. We’re really quite bad at it. There are just about as many different theories and opinions on behaviour change as there are issues that you might want to apply them to. It’s a huge field and few experts agree on any one theory.  

In truth human behaviour is incredibly complex and probably no one theory can explain all of the nuances of why we do the things that we do.  But we can look at the latest credible research to inform our ideas, apply them and see what works for the people that we are trying to influence. And that’s okay because science is not about perfection, it’s about progress and getting a little bit better at the things that we are attempting to do.  As new theories materialise, the objective practitioner takes on board the latest evidence and adjusts their techniques, never becoming precious about any one method, simply following the latest evidence as to what works.  After all the test always comes back to is what I am doing making the behaviour I want more likely or not?  


So we’ve set this site up with the aim of sharing behavioural techniques that many people are using around the world right now to make it more likely that they get the behaviours they want from others at home, at work and in their communities.  Our purpose is to give you new ideas of things you could try to make the behaviours you want more likely. 


Enjoy and if you do, please share.

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