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Soliciting feedback to improve audit scores

1 min read: An operational utility team were failing 100% of audits for the correct use of lighting, signage and guarding on an ongoing basis. The manager was about to call the team in to deliver the usual threat of disciplinary action when he started a behavioural course. Recognising that if you do what you always did, you always get what you always got, he decided to try something different using the tools from the course right away.

He pulled the team together to discuss the failed audits with them and then asked them to brainstorm independently what would allow them to complete the work whilst using the correct equipment.

To his surprise the team engaged in the activity and provided some really insightful feedback. In particular there was a problem with how some of the equipment had been designed meaning it was impractical from a user’s perspective.

He made sure that he actioned their feedback where he could and feedback where he could not. He also had the team retrained on deployment. Additionally he was sure to promote to the team good examples from audits and made sure that the team leaders followed up with positive reinforcement of desired behaviours on a day to day basis.

Within a 8 week period the manager observed a 75% improvement in audit performance.

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