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Getting sites to submit supplier timesheets

2 min read: A hire desk manager recognised that her team were spending 900 hours a year processing invoices that required timesheets from suppliers, up to three times more than would be spent dealing with none timesheet invoices.

The new behaviours she wanted to get more of to reduce this issue were for suppliers to ensure their operatives completed the time sheet in accordance with guidelines issued to all suppliers; for sites to check what has been completed on the timesheet by the suppliers operative and for sites to forward the paperwork on a weekly basis to head office.

In order to make the desired supplier behaviours more likely she implemented the following:

Triggers – The manager set clear expectations with each supplier as to the company requirements.

Knowledge and skills - She also worked with suppliers to make sure they were clear on how to complete timesheets correctly.

Motivation – She aligned consequences by advised suppliers that payment priority would be given to those providing timesheets completed in accordance with our guidelines. Substandard timesheets were then returned to suppliers advising them of the changes required and the resulting delays to payment.

In order to make the desired site behaviours more likely she implemented the following:

Triggers – The manager set expectations with office managers, provided them with necessary guidelines and their role in checking timesheets.

Knowledge and skills – She encouraged office managers to provide training and guidance to site members.

Motivation - Correct timesheets were acknowledged and timesheets received that were not up to standard were highlighted.

Correct timesheet returns from site increased by 30%.

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