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Reducing time spent on incomplete orders

2 min read: The plant team on a regional hire desk were spending an overwhelming amount of time, up to 4.5 hours per day, dealing with incomplete or insufficient requests from site. Recognising that the plant team have been inadvertently reinforcing this behaviour by helpfully chasing up required information to allow orders to be placed, they decided to make the following changes to see if they could make it more likely that the sites submitted complete order information:

  • They met with the regional managers to share the data, pinpoint issues and changes required

  • They sent out a survey to the performers to get feedback on any barriers to raising correct orders

  • Using previous site requests they highlighted positive and negative scenarios showing what behaviour was expected

  • Provided feedback on the positive impact of ordering correct kit

  • Provided data via yammer & email of time wasted & why

  • And most importantly, they started rejecting incomplete/insufficient plant requests with no action

The changes resulted in reduction of time being wasted of 18 manhours a week or 1008 manhours a year. They also observed a 33% increase in plant returns and a 16% increase in plant reports.

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