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Make it more likely you get digital quiet time

2 min read: This is a quick and easy miml tip. Give yourself some digital quiet by setting your iphone’s “Do Not Disturb” feature to "Scheduled" in "Settings" and inputting your desired period of time.

My phone’s scheduled to pull up the drawbridge at 5pm when I leave work for the nursery pick up and doesn’t let anyone in until 7:30 the next morning. Actually, that’s not entirely true. My wife, sister and parents can get straight through. All work is blocked though.

If I want to work in the evening I can, of course (and sometimes I do) but there’s no outside interruptions drawing me in to it. My life outside of work is precious rest and play time so cutting out iPhone interruptions makes it more likely I get relaxy. With “Do Not Disturb” nicely scheduled the iPhone automatically shuts up during set hours every day. In order to manage expectations I have a note in my email footer stating that I generally work Monday to Friday from 8-5 and that while you can email me any time you like (that’s cool you fire that message out) I’ll only be replying during working hours.

Here’s the process step by step, live and direct from the Apple.

  • Tap Settings > Do Not Disturb and turn on Scheduled. Then set a time.

  • You can also choose when you want to receive alerts, calls, and notifications:

  • Silence: Choose to silence calls and notifications always or only when the device is locked.

  • Allow Calls From: Allow calls from everyone, no one, your favorites, or specific contact groups stored on your device or iCloud.

  • Repeated Calls: If someone calls you twice within three minutes, the second call isn't silenced.

Not to leave out Android users here’s a link to a blog post by Simon Hill of Digital Trends:

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