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New Year - Restart, Reboot, Rewrite

2 min read: December, full of final busyness and pressure to close out as many actions as possible. January, full of pressure to look forward and do new things or change old habits.

Both of these months and the behaviours they prompt are human constructs created with the illusion of time, order and expectation. They are made up; not real. Yet they have enormous power over most of us. Why is that? How can something that is a complete fabrication wield so much power over our lives? Simply put, it’s like this because we make it like this. Each one of us plays a part in the illusion. Each one of us supports the story, even if we are complaining about it, we are still supporting the construct.

This is just a tiny example of the power of culture. The power of our ability to create rules and constructs separate from the tangible world. These rules and constructs live in our brains, in our minds. They don’t actually exist in a physical form. Once you recognise this it can be liberating. Once you recognise this you can start to imagine a different way of living. But this might be difficult because we have known nothing else other than this, and all those around us support our current illusion of reality.

If you are feeling stressed or you’re not happy with what you’ve got challenge the construct; challenge this made up reality; question what you are doing in your routine that is supporting this illusion. If you’re not happy with your narrative, start to rewrite your story and create a new one for you and your family. What better time to do it than January!

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